Standing in a wishing hole...

... hoping it stays dry

11 July 1987
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A tiny footstep at a time, lead me through a whispered dream, I kissed your mouth and a thousand stars fell...

Welcome to a journal dedicated to randomness =)

I am a recent graduate of the University of Leeds where I studied Japanese and Asia Pacific Studies. What I learnt was a great deal more.

I'm currently working as a temp, living with my gorgeous other half, our five gerbils and our housemates because we're not rich enough to live 'just us' yet!

My free time consists of all sorts including table top roleplaying, cooking and eating with friends, crochet, playing the piano, drawing, knitting, baking and several times a year I attend live-action roleplaying events, particularly the system Maelstrom.

I hope that we can share interests and gossip together!