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March 2012




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Mar. 30th, 2012


Busy busy

Wow I have been slack lately. But happily this is because I've been busy with work and fun things.

Still don't know what's happening with work so I won't dwell on that for now.

Last weekend Waz and I went on our mini holiday. I had a really good massage and facial and we swam and steamed and bubbles by the pool. Then we had a really tasty dinner and chilled out in the bar. On the Sunday we had a stroll around York. We laughed lots and it did us both the world of good. Particularly after the shocking night out on the Friday. Fab cafe was ace as it always is but then we braved Fuel which is the weekly alt night at Leeds Met. Oh man. I felt old. I'm only 24 but I felt old. It was like watching the car crash of my early teen drinking goth days in slow motion. Happy memories but no need to relive them. Ever. So we will be sticking to Wendy until this new rock bar opens. :)

This week also has been good though. Monday rolemaster as usual. Tues we went to Nicki's for more Tudors. So many dresses and coats and jewellery and armour and strapping young men to tantilise the imagination :) Weds we went to Dr Sketchys which is a casual live model session. So a few of us had a seriously nice dinner, sketched through some challenges to 80s cock rock and drank tea. I won a prize too! Talk about an ego boost. ^.^ Then we stopped for a pint before home.

I'm really well at the moment and that is a rare thing. I don't wanna jinx it but the car is in for MOT today so if you're the praying or wishing sort think of me and my deep green Toyota avensis estate passing with flying colours. Please. :).

Tomorrow is karaoke which will be ridiculous made more so by the presence of school girl and salary man dress ^.^.....oh and Maelstrom next week. Yay. My keen is starting finally. :)

Mar. 20th, 2012

strolling on

Busy happy times

Wow I have been slack for the last week. Combination of not wanting to dwell on job related future and being really busy. Saturday was stitch and bitch and afternoon tea then Annie and co and pizza then pre Wendyhouse party and then dancing all night in my spangly new corset and new rocks. I let my hair down and laughed lots and times were good. Sunday was a lie in then a trip to Nicky's for tea and The Tudors. Oh man. Oh man, oh man. How have I left it this long to acquaint myself with this show? Gosh.

So all in all a fruitful and lovely weekend. I am now just plodding through to Friday now :) How are all of you?

Mar. 14th, 2012

downton vibes


Hi guys,
Considering potential future unemployment related problems. I am reluctantly considering parting with my dollfies. I don't play with them much anymore but I do have a lot of sentiment invested so could only release them to very loving homes. Plus, they're kind of old and a bit 'well loved' so.. Well. I will list them below and if anyone you know is looking for these guys then please send them my way with an offer. I don't have paypal set up to receive payments so it would have to be bank transfer. My email addy is charliejane (dot) harrison (at) gmail (dot) com. Many more pictures can be provided if there is interest.All dolls would be sold as seen, no paper work, no original boxes (except the Hanael) but any variety of clothing/eyes/wigs that I have available and there can be pictures of that. Please keep in mind I live in the UK for postage/duty tax considerations.

60cm Narin boy classic faceplate circa 2006
He is in good physical condition no dents or scratches that I can see but like most Narin Doll french resin dolls he is very yellow in the face and neck and hands. One ear is pierced. Original Narin Doll faceup with a minor 'chip' in the eyebrow that I have water colour pencil repaired. No box. No paperwork.

Dollshe Hound v1/2 - circa 2005
Again, quite ancient and he is very well loved. An original 'Haute' Hound although not much of that remains. No original outfit. He's the old skin, creamy and heavy but I broke his hand some years ago and he has the new v.2 hands which have yellowed slightly. His headcap is a bermann headcap and doesn't fit properly but with a wig on isn't a problem. He came to me second hand that way and it was never resolved. His original Tensiya faceup had to be touched up over the years, the lips entirely repainted so not an original faceup. A few scuffs that could be sanded out and currently sporting a tattoo that I couldn't bring myself to remove but could be done easily by the new owner.  Currently not sporting the lip ring and if I did sell/post him it would be likely to come off in transit so I won't be putting it back on.

60cm(ish) Haruka girl - circa 2007
Self-painted head in good condition. Her body however is pretty bad. The obitsu spine has broken at the base so she 'rests' together at the moment. Some scuffs and stains on the vinyl around her bum. She has the magnetic feet but no base. I can't find it. She also has a second head which I had a bash at painting/modding.

Last and most reluctantly in some ways:
Petite Ai Hanael - circa 2006
In almost perfect condition, just a little bit yellowed over the ages. She is full set, original outfit, faceup, eyes, wig, box. The lot.


Mar. 12th, 2012


No Monday blues today.

After the great weekend I've had it would be hard to be grumpy this morning!

Friday night we invited ourselves round to Tard and Mike's for a housewarming. There was beer an crisps and gossip with the guys. I was the only girl there and it was good to just enjoy the company of my guy friends for they are a ball. This did insite some mild facebook passive aggression from a mutual friend regarding us not all magically turning up for her hubby's birthday for which by the way nothing was organised, no invite issued, nothing planned and the birthday boy himself working an early shift on the morning after openly opting to stay home and play Mass Effect and have birthday things the following weekend. I just can't stand that kind of thing to be honest!

Anywho. Saturday was even better. In the morning I bought some yarn for a baby blanket and though I trawled the entirity of Leeds market I didn't find anything to go with my blue corset with which to try my hand at dressmaking. I picked up some awesome patterns and can't wait to start with them.

But either way I got a cute green tshirt and some findings and had breakfast with Waz. Then it was on to the steampunk market where there was browsing, tea, cake and good company. Then I made the mistake of trying on a beautiful corset, got a bit over excited and just bought it. Beans on toast till payday but wow. I am in love with it. After filling ourselves with ideas and picking up a good haul between us we went for a late pub lunch and thn invited everyone back for movies at ours. I was scolded for not having seen Starship Troopers and this was rectified.

They went home at 2am.

Sunday was less busy. Waz, who has been an angel all weekend, made me breakfast of bacon nd eggs then we tucked up with bad tv and him warhammer painting and me crochet until the rugby. I made some good progress on the mittons I've been putting off for a while so that was satisfying. Tidying, a trip to the recyling plant and then on to see John Carter with Caroline and Leon. I thought it was pretty good! Not sure how true to the books it was but I came out smiling. The cgi was really good. Beautifully finished so that even the massive lanky bug aliens didn't feel clunky or awkward. Also there was some great intimate moments. So all in all pretty good! And then at last home to a long natter on the phone with Marmie before retiring to bed.

Awesome weekend :) Now, to work!

Mar. 9th, 2012


Slow week

I really have very little to say about this week. Not a great deal has happened. Wok has been good which is a relief in itself. Waz and I had another future/wedding/having kids conversation. Largely came to wanting all of the above and now please. Realistically a large portion of the wedding fund can/will come from Waz's tax rebate. Yay. :) Then we need to tackle flying the house sharing nest. We like where we are but I wouldn't put any unfortunate housemate through my pregnancy or tiny baby. I definetly want our own nest for that. It's a lot to think about but I'm getting to the point where we need to be more proactive about it. Augh. Anyway.

Aside from that and in topical conversation I'm feeling weird about the whole Kony 2012 news all over the internet. The more I read about it the more the Innocent Children campaign feels like a scam but it still brought to light some really serious humanitarian issues that previously myself and thousands of others were unaware of. Hrm.

Mar. 7th, 2012

sunshine hands

Kony 2012...Perhaps not quite what it seems.

Cas whut?

Sorry, what?

My other half informed me that last night I must have dreamt of a certain ventriloquist because I muttered whilst spark out "Jeff, will you show me Peanut?" This is made only more strange by me not remembering it but having very vivid dreams of going to prison for something that I didn't do.

The question then is what did Jeff Dunham do to go to prison? :D

Mar. 6th, 2012

strolling on


On Sunday I enjoyed oogling Steampunk type pretties and this Saturday I may go and purchase Steampunk pretties at a fair. Either way there was much steampunk last weekend and it was good. It was also followed by a very very tasty pub lunch.
The weather has broken and Spring is breaking, finally. Boy am I grateful.

Little brother has his first exams/interviews for the RAF on the 13th. It seems very soon, it must seem even sooner for him.

This week is going fairly smoothly so far apart from some minor stomach upset which I can't pin point the source of. Probably TMI for all involved there.

Otherwise I'm quite content in myself today, if sleepy. Tomorrow is another day of working and chilling. I may crack out the drop spindle for a bit.

For those interested, below are what I found to be the most interesting parts of the exhibition which was a nice and eclectic mix of modern steam punk art and real historical pieces (including a gown from 1807 and a military jacket that saw the battle of Waterloo)

Read more...Collapse )

Mar. 4th, 2012


Weekend rain

It is sleeting down fast but I am off to a steampunk exhibition :) yaaaay

Mar. 1st, 2012

strolling on


So, I start these posts with 'yesterday' a lot. Let us change this.
The thing is most of my posts happen from my phone on the bus to work. It's only 7:32 and not great deal has happened yet.

Last night I had horrid dream after horrid dream and woke up feeling like death this morning. I am going to combat this with Prodigy and coffee. Also last night I decided to make stew for dinner. Stew is not really good for a school night if you dont start cooking until nearly 7pm. On the plus side there is enough left over for a dinner next week. I should do this at the weekend like I used to. I also finallly mended my coat and read two chapters of American Gods which I am loving.

In honour of world book day tonight I am retiring to bed early with it.

On a final note I've just noticed that my monthly bus pass runs out on the 15th. Beware the Ides of March!

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